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CoLab: DePaul University

Humanities Center House Band

The BBE has joined with the DePaul Humanities Center to produce a number of programs since late 2016. As the 'house band,' we join other performers and brilliant minds from the sciences and humanities to consider ideas, events, and people in a multidisciplinary way. We've worked alongside NASA scientists, philosophers, storytellers, and even wheel gymnasts to tackle topics like Lenin, planetary systems, and deceit. 


Photos courtesy of the DePaul Humanities Center


Russian Revolution

November 8, 2017

In 1917, the Bolsheviks under Lenin overthrew the provisional government established in Russia only eight months earlier.  A century later, we examines these promises and explore some of the methods the revolutionaries devised to fulfill them through live music, performance, theatre, and a world-premiere film.

Helena Goscilo, Ohio State University
Zachary Cahill, Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
The Bach + Beethoven Experience (Brandi, Kiyoe, Kevin, Anna)


Humanities in Spaaaace!


April 11, 2017

After a screening A Trip to the Moon (Georges Méliès, 1902), the BBE will perform Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata,” as well as the aria “O Luna Lucent” from Joseph Haydn's opera Il mondo della luna and Bellini's "Vaga luna, che inargenti."

Scott Montgomery, Lecturer
University of Washington - Seattle
Joseph Bruchac
Abenaki traditional storyteller and author
Geoffrey A. Landis
NASA John Glenn Research Center
The Bach + Beethoven Experience
Catherine, Charlie


January 25, 2017

After screening the film First Orbit (2011), the BBE will premiere two new works by composers Mark Nowakowski and Kurt Westerberg - inspired by the spheres, light, and of course orbital bodies.

Roshanna Sylvester, Associate Professor
DePaul University
Courtney Giannone
Professional dancer and choreographer
Sean Kirkland, Associate Professor
DePaul University
The Bach + Beethoven Experience
Thomas, Brandi, Anna, Mark, Kurt


October 27, 2016

After screening The Martian, (2015) the evening continues with live performances on period instruments of “The Descent of Mars” from Jean Baptiste Lully’s Thésée (1675) as well as music composed by Vicenzo Galilei (Galileo’s father).

Dr. Chris Pak, Editor
The Science Fiction Research Association Review
Rachel Binx
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Prof. K. Maria D. Lane
University of New Mexico
The Bach + Beethoven Experience
Brandi, Kiyoe, Katherine, Anna