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Tom McElroy is a Chicago-based actor and plays Sir William Worthy in the BBE production of The Gentle Shepherd. Find out more about Tom's work through IMDb and at tommcelroy.net. (All images taken from Tom's IMDb profile.)

Who is Tom McElroy?

Christian, husband, father, grandfather, actor. Born and raised in the far north suburbs, Have worked  flippin' burgers, fryin' chicken, construction, youth ministry, driving a delivery truck, sales, store manager, sales trainer, substitute teaching, Starbucks and for the past 23 years theatre, film, and television. Avid reader, love a good conversation with anyone, friend, enemy, new or old. Being part of telling a great story whether it's in theatre, film, television, or just sitting around with friends and family is something I am so incredibly grateful to have enjoyed doing, so many times and in so many places."God has made me an actor, when I perform I feel His pleasure." (with apologies to Eric Liddlell)

How did you get into acting?

I've been performing all my life. Skits for the parents and relatives, magic for banquets and parties, a little ventriloquism too. Moved on to plays in highschool and community theatre. Then in 1993 I decided to give it a try professionally and just never looked back.

What is the best play you've ever seen?

Hands down my favorite is the first show I ever saw in Chicago. It was at the Body Politic and starred my good friend Roger Mueller as Chris in All My Sons by Arthur Miller.

Tell us about a funny or embarrassing moment from a production.

Most recently (there have been many) I was in "A Life of Galileo" performing in a lecture hall at Northwestern university. At a very tense moment in the show, just after Galileo has recanted as I (playing Galileo) was crossing to my exit the door (which was to be my exit) suddenly opened and a man (possibly a professor?) burst in to the room looked around (at the theatrical lighting, actors on stage, and a huge audience) and fairly shouted, "Is there something going on in here?!" One of the other actors immediately replied, "Yes! We are doing a Brecht play!" The man paused and said, "oh." turned and walked out. Did I mention there was a sign on the door he came in advising that there was a play in progress? Hmmm....

How's your Scottish accent?

It's Scottish.

What do you like about The Gentle Shepherd production?

I'm loving the music, my fellow actors, and especially the "seer" scene where I tell Patrick's fortune.