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A Gaelic Summer

A Welshman, an Irishman, a Scotsman, and an Englishman walk into a bar… It sounds like the making of a bad joke, but no, it’s actually our album of dance tunes and drinking songs from the 18th and 19th centuries!


1. O’ Carolan’s Concerto
2. Here’s to the Maiden
3. St. Patrick’s Day / Wild Irishman
4. Wild Rover
5. Ode to Charlie Mopps
6. The Welsh Ground
7. Jolly Companion
8. Stingo
9. Live Long Night
10. Bottom of the Punch Bowl / Last Pint Ale
11. Here’s to Thy Health / Hit Her Upon the Bume
12. Pleasures of Life
13. Nottingham Ale

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A Gaelic Summer (CD)
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A Gaelic Summer (Digital)
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An Appalachian Summer

Our collection of songs and tunes that found their way from the Old World to Appalachia, some becoming synonymous with specific families and others becoming staples of music circles stretching from New England to Texas.

1. Roger of Coverly
2. The Fellow that Looks Like Me / Over the Waterfall
3. Bonaparte’s Retreat
4. Girl I Left Behind Me
5. Bonnie George Campbell / Cumberland Gap
6. La Bastringue / St. Anne’s Reel
7. Barbry Ellen
8. Sweet William and Lady Margaret
9. Money Musk
10. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
11. Billy in the Low Ground / Natchez on the Hill / Durang’s Hornpipe
12. Shady Grove 13. Forked Deer

An Appalachian Summer (CD)
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Chicago Stories:
The Album Campaign

Chicago is home to millions of people and even more stories. Chicago Stories shares the unique experiences of our neighbors and city through new music written for period (or “early” or “Baroque”) instruments. They are real tales of living, breathing Chicagoans and Chicago communities.

In July 2019, we’ll fundraise to record six of these stories set to music —

  • Assyrians and the refugee community

  • The Pilsen neighborhood and Latin jazz scene

  • Women of color leading Chicago busineses

  • The Bronzeville neighborhood and Great Migration

  • People of the Bloomingdale Trail (or “the 606”)

  • Chicago’s Swedish community

When you support our campaign, you and a community or organization of your choice will receive the digital album. No questions asked.