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Kurt Westerberg

Kurt Westerberg received degrees from St. Olaf College and Northwestern University, studying with G. Winston Cassler, Arthur Campbell and Alan Stout. He joined the faculty of DePaul University in 1987 and is currently an Associate Professor, having served as chair of the Department of Musical Studies and currently serving as Director of Musicianship and Composition as well as Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. His solo and ensemble music has received performances nationally and internationally in a variety of venue. Recent works performed include: Night Music I for solo guitar (1994), Fantasy for violin and piano (2005), Sargasso for String Quartet (1999), In Time of Silver Rain (2007) for SATB chorus and piano, Fanfare for Brass and Percussion (2002, commissioned by DePaul University), Night Music III for two marimbas (2002), Einstein Dream Preludes (2007) for solo piano, Night Music II (2009) for two pianos, Rituals and Laments (2009) for solo percussionist, Nomads for flute, clarinet and cello (2011), Vision and Prayer (2012) for voices and chamber ensemble, Ensembles and Monologues (2013) for clarinet trio, Winterbourne (2013) for keomungo and chamber ensemble, and Fragments, Remnants, Shards (2014) for flute, harp and piano. Winter Light for orchestra was recorded in August of 1997 by the Lithuanian National Symphony and this recording, along with recordings of three other works, was released on the Southport label in November of 2010.  A recording of Vision and Prayer was also released on the Southport label, on a CD entitled Dual Visions, in 2014. He has been Director of Music at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Evanston since January, 1998.