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Regina Harris Baiocchi

Regina Harris Baiocchi is a composer, author, and poet whose music has been performed by Detroit Symphony and Chicago Symphony orchestras, US Army Band, and internationally-acclaimed artists. Performances include concerts in Paris, Rome, Bari, Italy, Istanbul, and Unna, Germany. Regina has written music for symphony orchestra; a libretto and one-act opera; hand drum concerto; marimba concerto; ballet; chamber music; liturgical and secular music; vocal and instrumental music, including for pipe organ.

Regina’s music appears on nine CD’s: Kaleidoscope; Soul of a Singer; Good News Falls Gently; journeys, places, stories; Landscapes: one woman’s journey; unto thee i burn; 2018 projects: Where Freedom Rings; ¡Percussing up a Storm!(her percussion music); and she produced Kidstuff (her children’s music).

Her writings on Artists of Color, Spirituals, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Hip-Hop, Poetry and Women are published by Oxford University, Third World Press, Facts on File, Center for Black Music Research; and the Chicago Tribune. Regina is profiled in New Grove Dictionary of American Music; International Dictionary of Black Composers; From Spirituals to Symphonies; on www.Afri-Classical.comwww.HistoryMakers.comwww.Answers.comwww.HaikuFest.comwww.3Arts.org/artist/regina-harris-baiocchi and www.ReginaHarrisBaiocchi.com She served as an adjudicator for the Maryland, Pennsylvania, et al arts councils.

Regina founded Haiku Festival to “celebrate children and promote literacy” through poetry readings, workshops, and events. She wrote Indigo Sound (fiction); Urban Haiku; Blues Haiku; a forthcoming poetry volume, and novella.

African Hands (hand-drum concerto) is part of the National Museum of African American Music Inaugural Exhibition opening 2019 in Nashville. Urban Haiku excerpts appear in Nicole Franklin’s “When Sistas Jump” film on Double Dutch rope. Regina received awards from National Endowment for the Arts; 3Arts; Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest; Arts Midwest; Art Institute of Chicago; Illinois Arts Council; Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events; Chicago Public Library; and ASCAP.

Regina studied at New York, Roosevelt and DePaul universities, notably with Hale Smith, Alan Swain, William Fielder, and Judith Rogers. She earned a Master of Music Composition with Distinctive Honors, and did post-graduate work in jazz studies, creative writing, and public relations. [end]