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Zoe Savage

Zoe Savage began studying the harmonica in 2001 with Joe Filisko. Shortly afterward, she decided that Chicago Blues would be the music she'd pursue for the rest of her life, a decision that would send her studying deeply into the playing styles and techniques of harp masters such as Walter Jacobs and Walter Horton, as well as the various Blues artists who passed through Chicago during the 1950s. Focusing on tone, rhythm and the techniques that make players unique, Savage keeps the tradition of Chicago Blues alive and thriving in her playing. In 2007 Savage met Cajun harmonica player Jerry Devillier and through his guidance has become an authority on Cajun harp, studying directly from historical recordings and adapting the sounds of the diatonic accordion to suit her instrument, as well as devleoping the skills needed to sing in the original Cajun French.  Since 2010, Savage has taught group and private harmonica lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Students working with Zoe Savage can deepen and expand their current skill set, or begin from the very beginning, stretching their ablilites in order to grow and develop into the type of player they wish to be. Whether analyzing and adapting the bass, chords and melodies of songs to fit the nuances of the harp, perfecting techniques, studying iconic recordings, or simply enjoying the power of music, Savage’s warm, encouraging teaching style helps students get the most from their instrument and from themselves. Savage performs throughout Chicago, keeping both Blues and Cajun music very much alive in her playing and singing today.