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A Gaelic Summer

with Kiyoe Matsuura

Don't take this the wrong way, but who are you?

My name is Kiyoe (kee-yo-eh), I’m from Southern California and I’ve lived in Chicago since 2014. I moved here to attend grad school at DePaul University and to play in the Civic Orchestra. Back then I sort of thought I’d go down the orchestral career path, but I became really interested in early music during my second year at DePaul and decided to focus more on baroque violin. Some friends and I formed a group called the MENT Consort, which was the first student ensemble at DePaul to play on period instruments! Now that I am out of school I try to play my baroque violin whenever I can, and I also freelance on “modern” violin and work as a Suzuki violin instructor. 

What kind of music do you like?

My preferences are always changing. Right now I listen to anything from baroque and classical era music to R&B and rap.  I recently discovered Simone Kermes’ recording of “Che si può fare?” by Barbara Strozzi which I have listened to repeatedly in the past couple weeks.

What do you love most about performing?

I love when I can perform with my friends and/or when I make new friends during preparation for a performance. It can be exhilarating to collaborate with excellent musicians who are also super fun and interesting to be around!  I have learned so much from my colleagues, not only about music but also about many aspects of life.

What are you most excited about regarding this show?

When Brandi asked me to be a part of this show I was so excited! I think most importantly, it’s exciting for me to work with these really accomplished musicians because I can learn a lot from them. I’m also excited because this show is about connecting with audiences, drinking beer, and having fun!

Before this summer, did you know any Gaelic beavers?

No, but it has been a pleasure to learn more about BBEaver. She is adventurous, curious, and chill as can be.  I am looking forward to spending more time with her this summer.