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Felicia Patton

Chicagoan at a Glance

Favorite Chicago restaurant: Flat Top
Favorite Chicago landmark: Sear’s Tower (Who is Willis?)
Favorite Chicago neighborhood: North Park
Favorite Chicago sports team: White Sox (I’m trying to stay married)
Favorite Chicago deep dish pizza joint: Giordano’s
Chicago-style hot dogs - No

Why did you go into music - and specifically your field?

I am a vocalist. I started singing because my father was a singer. And as a daddy’s girl, I wanted to do everything like him. Singing was always a way of being close to him. And now that he is gone, it is comforting to me. Singing is the way that I connect to everything in my life.  It is spiritual, emotional, and life-giving.

Check out more on Felicia's Youtube Channel, ChicagoSoul Revue, and her webpage.

What's something quirky about how you do your craft that others don't?

I have a soul band called Felicia Patton and The Chicago Soul Revue that I do the majority of the writing for. When I write for this group, I have noticed that I do my best writing when I am upset at someone. I have to feel the emotion in order to write organically. I cannot write any other way. I usually get about 5 -6 songs composed on those days.

What communities in Chicago do you identify with that have meaning to you and why?

I am originally from the Southside of Chicago. I was born and raised in Englewood. During my adult life, I have resided primarily on the Northwest side of town, but I am looking to move back south.

What's a funny story about your time living or working in Chicago?

When I was in undergrad at North Park University, I was slotted to perform a song called “Jesus that’s my king.” Now anyone who knows me knows that I have horrible handwriting. Well the form that I had to fill out before this event was handwritten. Anyway, I show up to the event and the Dean of Music, bless his heart comes up to me and says, “I am going to make an announcement because there is a typo in your song title.” I was shocked when I looked at the program. It said, “Jesus that’s my icing.” We all laughed that day. I will never live that one down.

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