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Paul Von Hoff

Chicagoan at a Glance

Favorite Chicago restaurant - Frontera Grill
Favorite Chicago landmark - Adler Planetarium 
Favorite Chicago neighborhood -  
Favorite Chicago sports team -
Favorite Chicago deep dish pizza joint - Giordanos
Chicago-style hot dogs - Yes

Why did you go into music - and specifically your field?

I love working on the small details in chamber music.

What's something quirky about how you do your craft that others don't?

I wash my mouthpiece out every time I play. Most brass players never wash them. 

What communities in Chicago do you identify with that have meaning to you and why?

The neighbors and families on my block often get together. 

What's a funny story about your time living or working in Chicago?

I have been told (more than once) by random people on the L that my trombone case is sexy. It is two-tone British tan and brown leather.