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Ronnie Kuller

Chicagoan at a Glance

Favorite Chicago restaurant: Lula Cafe, always and forever
Favorite Chicago landmark: The Bloomingdale Trail, obviously!
Favorite Chicago neighborhood: Old Irving, where we just moved
Favorite Chicago sports team: The Joffrey Ballet
Favorite Chicago deep dish pizza joint: I've never been a fan of the deep-dish - I love Spacca Napoli
Chicago-style hot dogs: I'm currently pregnant and hot dogs are on the forbidden foods list, so, for the present moment, no.

Why did you go into music - and specifically your field?

Started hearing music in my head, but instead of seeking treatment I decided to try writing it down.


What's something quirky about how you do your craft that others don't?

Lots of cursing at Finale? Oh wait. Everyone who uses Finale does that.

What communities in Chicago do you identify with that have meaning to you and why?

I've lived all over this city for two decades: Hyde Park, Ravenswood, Ukrainian Village, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, and now Old Irving. I don't drive, so I get everywhere by walking or public transit. I love retreading my footsteps along favorite walking routes; I even enjoy the camaraderie of being on a CTA bus full of people who are all going somewhere. 

What's a funny story about your time living or working in Chicago?

This one time I played accordion in a marching band for fourteen years.

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